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Orb Solutions is a one-stop, full-service company. We provide a full array of professional services including providing, installing and maintaining your system needs. We can manage your project from beginning to end, or provide you with personnel to support your internally-managed projects.

Orb Solutions employs proficient professionals to support all of your needs. We have professionals who can analyze your business and system needs, document and publish, diagnose your problems, build software for your project, manage your projects & processes, engineer new systems & processes, install & maintain systems.

All Services

  • Business Planning
  • Force Management
  • Operation Strategy
  • Process Consulting
  • Work Flow
  • ERP (SAP)
  • CRM
  • Data Warehousing
  • EAI
  • EAP
  • IT Strategy Consulting
  • Network planning
  • Quality Assurance
  • Vendor Solutions
  • Work-f low Systems
  • We specialize in providing Professional Staffing Services. Our industry-specific experts recruit top talent using our Proprietary Talent Match process.
  • We understand your vision.
  • Our consultants are skilled